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Established park officially named David Gregg Park

04 January 2018

Richard Noble & Company are pleased to announce that the Wentworth West public open space has been formally named: David Gregg Park. The official park signage was recently installed and not only does it look great but it will be a clear marker for people to find their way to the park and communicates park rules.

David Gregg was an employee and director of Richard Noble & Company for 26 years until his untimely passing in 2013. During his time with the company, David was a key member in the project management and sale of subdivided landholdings into the following Estates;

  • Thomsons Lake Estate – Success
  • The Park at Thomsons Lake – Atwell
  • The Crest – Success
  • Wentworth Gardens – Success
  • Magnolia Gardens – SUccess
  • Eden Green – Hammond Park

These landholdings now represent over 2,500 housing lots in the suburbs of Success, Atwell, and Hammond Park incorporating extensive public open space areas, wetlands, water features, community amenities, ovals and activity areas.

David Gregg Park - Wentworth West in Success

David invested a considerable part of his professional life working within Success, Atwell and Hammond Park communities as the area transitioned from a rural environment in the early 1990’s into the vibrant and successful residential and commercial communities that exist today.

Preserving a number of wetland ecosystems including Boronia Park and Twin Bartram Wetlands, David was key contributor in the establishment of the South Jandakot Drainage Management Scheme in the early 1990’s which to this day continues to guide the groundwater water management principles in the Success, Atwell and Hammond Park communities.

Furthermore, David was actively involved in the establishment of local residents associations and community events that also incorporated the new schools at Jandakot, Success and Hammond Park.

Wentworth West’s 4,600 square metres of public open space offers a playground, picnic shelters and outdoor fitness equipment all set within attractive native gardens and linked to a pathway around the lake.

In recognition of David’s significant contribution to the planning, development and considerable involvement in the community within Success, Atwell and Hammond Park, we are proud to announce the official naming of David Gregg Park.